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Conscious Content – Ideation + Creation + Marketing

– Image Edits with Text & Logo overlay – for all Social Media platforms
Instagram Videos
– YouTube Videos
– Instagram “Grids” aka “Multi-Post-Banners”
– FB Ad Creative Design Variations
– That’s all for now: More types of content, such as Long-form Video, After FX Animations, and Intro/Outro music, will be available once I can afford the equipment 🙂

Inflow (Lead + Sales Conversion) Page – Design + Creation + Marketing
*Look around this website as an example, for now. More examples coming soon!
Generate leads, build email lists, make sales – all via an expert “Inflow” wepage.
    – No “brochure” websites here – all results driven.

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Brand + Tribe Building – Strategy & Execution
Optimal Content Marketing Plan, Schedule, and Management for every Social Network under the sun… except Myspace.

Massive Value, Innovative Marketing Campaigns
– Both Planning & Execution. This holds the potential to simultaneously revive a brand, bring an abundance of awareness, and generate hundreds or thousands of new leads.

Inflow~Outflow (Conversions Rate) Optimization
Find/Fix every single flaw of your current web marketing strategy – from websites & social media pages to email marketing & content production!

Important to Know:

Although I’ve been developing my skills for 6 years,
I’m still a beginner at professionally applying this knowledge-
And that actually means some great things for my clients:
  1. Since I’m not booked 24/7, I can give extra time to their gigs.
  2. My rates are the lowest in the market.
  3. I’m going to apply outstanding effort, attention to detail, and willingness to listen & learn.
  4. I’m willing to learn any new skill that will help me be of impeccable service.

I’d love to help you grow your business, build affinity with your community, and generate more abundant streams of conscious currency. Let’s create something Amazing.

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