Visionary Marketing Partnership Service


Video Transcription

Hi! Æcho here, and I’m super excited that you’re reading this – because it means that we’re one step closer to creating something amazing together. In the next ten or so minutes, I’m going to get you up to date on the many projects and subprojects included in our visionary marketing partnership.

To begin, I’d like to start with first principles. We’re here, and working together, because presumably we are both in the business of expanding consciousness. Give or take some alterations in languaging that – it’s very likely that you and I hold an ethical, conscious, standard for our work and the communities that we contribute to. And so I’d like to just reaffirm to you that first and foremost, my goal is to always keep your core principles in mind – no matter if I’m posting to your social media pages, or performing super technical conversion optimization ratio strategies to boost your ecommerce sales. I’ll always keep an altruistic mindset and intent – never anything less. So that was number one, holding the standard of altruistic principles.

So now I’d like to show you exactly how I’m going to get your business results – which is, just like you, the absolute most important thing – aside from adhering to our altruistic principles. Everything that I’m going to do in terms of marketing, media, page design, and so on – all these tools and tactics are for the purpose of growing your business and attracting more loyal, paying customers to your business. And on that note, my personal goal is to succeed in this endeavor to such a large extent, that I’ll be earning you ten times or more the amount of compensation that I’d ask.

So, let’s get into the general tools and tactics – going from A-Z. There are dozens of individual subprojects, but I’ll just outline the main services that I’ll be dedicated to.

And just a heads up, I’m still learning how to speak English when talking about the technical side of my job, so bear with me if I sound like an alien or a malfunctioning computer. Ahaha, okay, let’s get right in. Reading from a list I have here:

Analytics – This is all about measurements. Like Peter Drucker, the famous business guru said, “What get’s measured gets managed.” I’m going to be tracking your social media page growth, audience analytics, and if you’re okay with it – even your sales & revenue analytics. And all of this will be detailed for easy viewing in your weekly and monthly reports.

Next up,

Branding – This one is very important, and is actually what I consider my absolute specialty. I’m going to work to learn your story – who you are at a core level – what your visions, aspirations, and goals are – and then communicate that story across all of your platforms. This will do wonders to win over loyal superfans and customers, as well as drive incredible results in sales. An example of this is, basically that, in each post, advertisement, and offer that I do for your business, I’m going to start with a Hook, which is something emotionally appealing like wonder, amazement, mild controversy, and then move to the Plot, which is your story, and then end with a Resolution – which is often a call to action that will support your business. Make sense? And this may seem obvious, but actually, if you go and look at 90% of business’ social media pages, it’s either all randomness, or all sales pitches. So once again, this is super important, and I spent most of my marketing studies learning how to do this the best. And I’m practicing on my own brand to get better and better each day.

Alright, next we have

Content Marketing – This is also really important, especially in this day and age, though I won’t get into it too much now because it’s self-explanatory to some extent. Basically I’ll be setting up content schedules for all of our chosen social media pages, and rolling them out periodically. My main intent with content is to tell your story, and the by-product is the lift in your business that it creates via our resolutions and calls to action. The content marketing is very specific to each business though, so I’ll leave it here for now.

Email Marketing – Oh boy, so, one of my marketing mentors: Joe Soto, who owns an eight figure internet marketing agency, always says that Email is the “Lifeblood” of business. If it’s not flowing, your business isn’t growing, he says. Now, I don’t know if that’s true for all playing fields – especially the conscious business market, but nevertheless I’ve learned some amazing tools and tactics of how to optimize Email marketing to grow your business – especially around the efficacy of copywriting. Specifically, I’ll be writing 3 email plans, 5 email plans, and then A/B testing different variations of the campaigns to see what works the best. And I’ll likely be using the Klaviyo software – which is a premium service with tons of great features, however, if you’d like to keep things simple we can always just go with a MailChimp or related freemium email marketing software.

Moving on, we have –

Epic offers and Mega Giveaways –

Google PPC –

Influencer Collaborations

Lead Generation

Market Research + Emulation

Marketing Campaign Planning & Execution

Network Intelligence & Content Sourcing

Press/Media Releases

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Page Design & Management

Videos – both Virals and Campaigns

A unique system that I call: VRIN Scores

Last, but certainly not least, in fact this may be the second most important aside from Social Media – is Webpage Design & Conversions Rate Optimization

Alright So that wraps up the services for our visionary marketing partnership. I hope that this answered many of your questions, and if it didn’t then feel free to shoot me some mail. I’m here to help you in whatever way I can, and it’s my pleasure to do so. Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you soon.